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Our team has years of experience setting up, operating, and supporting small businesses. Meet the experts who have your back when it comes to your success in the furniture industry.

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Larry Kozin


Larry Kozin is very involved with his businesses, family, and helping others. He is the Founder and CEO of millionairZclub, LLC, which developedmany other companies he founded, including KozyVend, Advanced Licensing, iDealFurniture, with over 300+ locations launched, Perfect Dreamer Mattress, Dirty Laundry Solutions, KozyFurniture, WhiteGlove4Less, Relationship Generation, AMS, 24-7 Heat and Cool, and many others in different stages of development. Through these involvements and putting his life experiences and skills into practical application, Larry has built sales teams of thousands of individuals in multiple organizations. Previously, Larry founded and served as President of the Federal Chamber of Commerce from 1999-2002, which rebranded as the MainStreetChamber of Commerce in 2006, and is rapidly expanding nationally. Today, Larry is excited to keep broadening his horizons and growing through helping others. Showing individuals how you can blend spirituality with business ownership and create multiple streams of income with better results in less time is the foundation of much of his work—as well as what allows him to be involved in so many opportunities. He is also co-authored the best selling book, Cracking the Code to Success, with renowned author and sales expert Brian Tracy.Founder

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John Bellave

Director of National Expansion

John demonstrates his passion to improve lives by empowering entrepreneurs with innovative products, rewarding business opportunities and a vehicle to achieve success on many levels. John’s experience and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest markets in the United States.

John has assembled a seasoned and passionate leadership team that has the entrepreneur’s best interest in mind. John realizes that long-term success is directly related to the success of its team. He has surrounded himself with a team of veteran leaders and visionary thinkers poised to take the company to the top of the industry. An ambitious goal no doubt, but one that the entire team shares and will pursue with unbridled passion, while honoring the company’s values and goals with absolute integrity.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership helps drive the company’s vision. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the relationship marketing industry and is considered by many, to be one of the most effective trainers and motivators in the industry. John stated “I see a major shift coming in the US from the corporate hourly jobs to a sustainable home base business which complements our ability to offer someone a solid, low overhead highly profitable home business that suits any initial investment level.”

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Sean Conway

Chief Technical Officer

A 15 year IT veteran with a wide range of skills and experience, is a man who somehow manages to combine high levels of experience and competence in the IT world, with a down to earth and easy to talk to demeanor. One of those rare individuals who really understands the nuts and bolts of technology, and who can also sit down and talk business with anyone. Able to take complex topics and make them easy for anyone to understand, Sean is the perfect CTO who has the ability to Plan, procure, and implement robust networks for any size operation, and who can also then keep them running, train a staff to keep running, or just let the boss know what “needs to be done”. Sean is a subject matter expert on; Web Design and Development, Programming, Server Operating systems (Microsoft, Unix, Etc), Personal Computing, Networking, Internet Hosting.

For a business that loves technology as we do, Sean is a fantastic asset to our team, and is a cornerstone of our plans for the near future.

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Angie Kozin

VP of Operations

Angie brings over 10 years of furniture & mattress industry experience KozyVend. Angie understands and served as a local Furniture Broker and also served as Vice President of a large custom furniture chain in Las Vegas.

Prior to the furniture business, Angie served as the Office Manager of a prestigious, New York Dental practice for 15+ years and brings that organizational experience and leadership to KozyVendShe is a world class furniture designer, and an expert at showroom layout strategies. Angie also brings to KozyVend; humor, organization, professionalism and that Team Player mentality.

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Jeff Rubinstein

VP of Finance

Jeff began his career in Finance and Marketing at Anixter, Inc and then U.S. Robotics. He went on to own two The UPS Stores for over nine years, building each of these by triple digits before selling them. Jeff has held various financial, marketing, and sales positions at Chase Bank, Kelly Services, and Sunbelt Business Brokers before joining KozyFurniture as President and CFO. Jeff holds a BA degree in Economics from Indiana University and is an Accountant with over 30 hours in Accounting and Finance.

Headshot of a man with a black shirt named Aaron

Aron Kozin

Leads and Utilities Manager

Aron is Larry's youngest brother and has worked for, with or alongside Larry for 35+ years. From the delivery trucks of the first furniture store through every aspect of retail furniture sales, management and even store ownership. Moving forward into business development and business sales. He brings to the table knowledge and experience and a helping hand to all who need it

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The professionalism and dedication of each staff member are keys to the partners' success.

With over 39 years of experience, we have the resources, buying power, and proven strategies to help you find financial freedom.

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