Furniture Vending Ca$h Machine

Just as Carvana created a $5 Billion Used Car Vending Business, KozyVEND is leveraging 40+ years in the furniture business, leveraging logistics & technology to create the first Furniture Vending Business and you can get your share (Schedule a presentation today)

Vending on Steroids

Vending is a trillion dollar global phenomenon with new players entering the industry offering high risk, low return offerings, compared to Furniture vending. You can look at a KozyVending Machine, like a fully stocked furniture store, but instead of spending hundreds of thousands in inventory and tens of thousands a month on traditional overhead, you have the same potential profit potential for as low as $12,000 per location TURNKEY.

All Electronic Sales

You don't have to worry about product fulfillment or coins or bills to remove. Your machines can be located anywhere in the USA and you will receive Daily Sales Reports and Monthly Revenue Streams via Direct Deposit.

Passive Joint Revenue

With over 40 years experience in the furniture business, we handle all aspects of the operation, including, but not limited to; site selection, rep training and support, revenue share, logistics and service. Your role is to provide the capital for the machines and operations and collect your revenue shares and be a Brand Ambassador (optional).

5 to 50 Times Higher ROI than Traditional Machines

A typical vending machine returns less than $80 in monthly income, while a KozyVEND with an average Rep doing the sales and marketing  will vend on average $1,000 on just one sale. With a profit between $200-$400, their goal is to create at least 1 sale per weekday and multiple sales on weekends, so you can do the math.

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